torsdag den 6. marts 2014

Prepping the garden - no more Aquaponics but good ol' spring is coming!

Hello all,
While the fishtanks are looking fine and provides great pleasure, it is time to get busy prepping for the short season we Danes call summer :-).

 Instead of the Aquaponic system, this year I've kept it simple and will use this nice tray I found (think it is from Ikea?) as a startersystem for this years harvest of tomatoes and basil.

It gets some heat from the aquarium underneath it and this also provides some moisture for the seedlings.

Once it gets a bit warmer outside these seedlings will be planted in the beds I built last year and have added something to tie the tomatoes to (last year was chaos as I hadn't anticipated the need for this...)

All the best,

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