onsdag den 16. januar 2013

Easy way of harvesting Scuds (Hyalella azteca)

Hello all,
I've been asked how I actually collect or harvest the little Scuds (Hyalella azteca) when I need some to feed my fish. Well, there is a really easy and simple way of doing this - and you definately shouldn't try and catch them with a fishing net or similar as the little buggers are much too devious for such an approach.
This video shows how I do it:

By dropping a tasty piece of cucumber into the tank and waiting half an hour, the scuds will have found it and swarmed it.
And they really love cucumber:

You can then simply lift the cucumber out of the tank and let the scuds drip into whatever container you have available.

or feed them to your fish, who loves Scuds:

Now trying to count how many you've collected is a complete different problem, one that is close to impossible. I regularly sell portions of ca. 25 and its a hit and miss, so I generally collect far too many, just to avoid having to recount the amount.

All the best,

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