søndag den 9. marts 2014

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi - Ram Chiclid

Hello all,
So while I would never have bought this fish myself, we have been trusted with its wellbeing while its owners are in the States for a few months.
So a Mikrogeophagus ramirezi - Ram Chiclid - in weird colouring... It is a weird fish, looks like an alien and is a very unnatural fish to see in the tank, but we've come to like it

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It is small, timid, but likes to hover in the corners, surveying the tank and waiting for a shrimp to pass by.

Our goby - Hypseleotris compressa - decided that the ram would be a suitable mating partner and tried to seduce him, not succesfully, but the pictures were fun as can be seen here.

An interesting fish, but not one I would buy myself due to its 'unnatural' colours.

All the best,

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  1. lovely tank


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