lørdag den 29. december 2012

Cryptocoryne Country - 5 gal nano aquarium

Hello all,
Next to the Shrimpfarm nano aquarium is its twin, the Cryptocoryne Country. It has housed a lot of different fish, from Aphyosemion australe Killis to Tateurndina ocellicauda. Today there is a single Betta splendens swimming around in the tank (with several shrimps and snails as company, I do believe there's even a small Heterandria formosa surviving the hunting tendencies of the Betta.
Its a nice little planted Nano Aquarium, plenty of cover for the Betta, which seems very happy and produces a nest every week, although it has never seen a female.
I know Betta owners normally give their fishes names, but no name has yet appeared to suit the pretty Betta.

Details: 20 l Dennerle Nano Aquarium, small Dennerle filter and 11W lamp. No heating.
Black gravel with a few roots etc.

 The Blue Betta splendens:
Big, fat Betta - will eat any shrimp, insect or mosquito it can catch!

Pictures from the last years:


All the best,

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Kasper!

    Superfina akvarier :). Jag undrar om jag kan få använda någon av dina bilder till vår svenska sida ebishop.se där vi ska visa upp hur snyggt man kan inreda dessa akvarier.


    Janne Johansson

    1. Hej Janne - jeg har sendt dig en mail via din hjemmeside.

      Alt godt,


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