fredag den 28. december 2012

Shrimpfarm - 5 gal fish tank

Hello all,
I've been lucky enough to persuade my wife to let me have one of the windowsills in the living room. I began with one medium Nano aquarium (20l / 5 gal) but this soon become two and then three aquariums.
This is the oldest one and is now almost two years old in its current 'scape'.
Details: 20 l Dennerle Nano Aquarium, small Dennerle filter and 11W lamp. No heating.
Sulawesi Black gravel with a few roots etc.
Plants: Hydrocotyle leucocephala, Taxiphyllum spec., (and used to have 2x Cryptogryne wendtii). the grassy steppes or lawns in front are made by sowing Cladophora (a nice type of green algae) onto pieces of slate.
Boraras brigittae (down to five of the original ten)
Heterandria formosa (somewhere between eigth and fifteen)
Numerous Neocaridina heteropoda (RCS)
and various snails: Anatome helenas and Marisa cornuarietis.

 The threesome of aquariums :-):

 Various incarnations from the past two years:

Boraras brigittae

Boraras brigittae

Boraras brigittae

Neocaridina heteropoda, RCS

From back when I tried to combine the tank with an orchid - didn't work out too well. Maybe I'll describe the failures of that experiment sometime.
 All the best,

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