mandag den 4. februar 2013

The case of the mysterious eggs solved!

Hello all,
I recently detailed the case of the mysterious eggs (re-read it here) that I was not sure whether they belonged to my Pterophyllum scalare or to one of the Marisa cornuarietis snails roaming the aquarium.

Well consider the case solved!

It was not these guys:

Pterophyllum scalare not laying eggs

Nope the culprit was indeed the Marisa snails. I caught one in the act of depositing eggs and they indeed do look identical:
Marisa cornuarietis laying eggs

Marisa cornuarietis laying eggs
In this picture it even looks like the scalare is pointing the culprit out, perhaps to get its name cleared :-)

Marisa cornuarietis laying eggs while the Pterophyllum scalare draws attention
All the best,

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