tirsdag den 15. januar 2013

Mystery eggs

Hello all,
So there was a surprise waiting for me in the fishtank. Unfortunately I screwed up and destroyed it. *Insert sad face here*
Apparently someone has been busy and deposited a large patch of eggs at the back of the fishtank, on the root system of a small Pistia stratiotes. Sadly, I didn't notice until the plant had been out of the water for some time. At first I thought they might be from my Pterophyllum scalare, but now I think they might be snail eggs - as I havnt seen so much goo around fish eggs before.

There is a small colony of Marisa cornuarietis at large int he fish tank, they might be responsible.

Hmm, what might they be? Stay tuned as I investigate the case of the Mystery Eggs!
Anyways, I put the plant back again, but the eggs were soon eaten by hungry fish, now that they were not hidden in the background anymore.

EDIT: Well the case was solved a few days later - read the solution here...

All the best,

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