fredag den 11. januar 2013

Live food: Hyalella azteca (Scuds) love cucumber!

Hello all,
Just a quick update on the posts on how to keep and care for the lovely little Hyalella azteca (AKA scuds), posted here and here.
I just wanted to show just how much they love cucumbers (Cucumis sativus). these iages are taken ten minutes after the vegetables were served:
Hyalella azteca swarming the food
 I know there is not that much nutrients in cucumbers, but once in a while they should get a little treat :-).
Hyalella azteca swarming the food
This also had the added bonus of making it really easy to collect the fifty scuds I sold yesterday - I just scooped up the cucumber and let what seemed to be the correct amount drip into a jar :-).

All the best,

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