tirsdag den 8. januar 2013

Aquaponics 18: Hydroponic raft?

Hello all,
So while waiting for the Aquaponic plants to do some serious growth, I decided I might use the remaining space next to the system. I've only got one windowsill to experiment with, so might as well make the most of it :-).

I'm struggling with the nomenclature of this entire endeavour, but I believe a floating raft sucha s this one would be called 'hydroponic'?
Anyways, it was a pretty basic setup - in the future I'll complicate matters by making the bucket become the emergency draining system from the Aquaponic setup...

Step one: Bucket of slightly used fishwater (will eb changed weekly) - hopefully the plants can exist without added air?..
Step two: fancy floating thing found outside the supermarket...
Step three: find out that it wouldn't really support three potted plants (well, it did support three dry, potted plants but not three wet potted plants...)
Step four: create emergency flotation-system: More stuff from the crap-pile, taped together with plenty of LECA pellets inside, stuck underneath the fancy white thing above.

Step six: watch your creation float gracefully :-). Hope this works.

All the best,

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