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What to feed Scuds (Hyallella azteca)

Hello all,

This post will consolidate the information I have gathered with regards to what the Scuds (Hyalella azteca) will eat, and what they seem to dislike.
So far the following foods have been tried and foudn adequate by the little crustaceans' taste buds:

Fish food: Any small dust from fish food containers, or crunbled larger flakes works well.

Fruit paste: Also works - and is eaten quickly.

Dried catfish pellets: They love these, and they should be packed with the correct nutrients. I've tried pellets with only vegetable contents and some with animal parts, and both appear to work. But I would suggest only using the vegetable ones, as they seem to pollute the water much less. Instead of just throwing them into the tank, I quickly grate mine. The fine powder seems to work better with the small scuds.

Leftover vegetables: I see my Scuds as soemthing of a waste disposal unit - so whenever my kids havn't eaten something I will give it a go. This has shown that cucumbers, tomatoes, and simialr food types works very well. As they float this will allow you to quickly assess whether or not the scuds are eating and how quickly. Cucumber seems a favourite, and anything containing veegtables appears to be a winner:

What they do not seem to enjoy eating:
Duck weed (all types of Lemnaceae), any plant not in the process of degrading, snails, shrimps, or any other thing alive.

If you have a suggestion, give me a shout and I'll try throwing it into the scud containers and see what happens :-).

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